5 Creative Uses for your Instagram Photos!


5 ways to use your Instagram photos! - Smitten Blog DesignsSo ever since starting my personal Instagram account a year ago, I’ve been wondering how to do something with the photos in there. I love the edits I’ve done on them in Instagram and I love the sqaure shape. I’m always scrolling through my photos because it’s basically become my Facebook as far as posting pics goes (I still love using Facebook to stalk friends, let’s be honest!) :). I started to see little uses for them here and there. So I finally decided to collect some of my favorite Instagram photo ideas from around the web and share them because, well, you’ll think they’re awesome.

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This one definitely takes the cake for creativity: your Instagram photos on a marshmallow. I mean, why is this necessary and why do I feel like I need them right now! I think this would be such a cool Christmas gift, but I’d take it as an anytime gift because I will take an excuse to have a cup of hot chocolate any day!

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These are the cutest things I’ve ever seen. Really. They’re darling and I don’t use that word about many things. They have 24 pages and they are MAGNETIC, what?! My kids are little so they’d have a fun time with these little books for sure.

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This is probably lame of me, but I don’t want to see someone pull out their phone and have the same phone cover as me (kind of like why I love doing custom blog designs!). I just want it to be mine. Especially when it has a design or pattern on it, right? This cell phone case is screaming my name.

Uses for Instagram Photos - by Smitten Blog DesignsIMAGE VIA PRINTSTAGRAM

This is cool. A tear-off mini desk calendar with all your Instagram photos on it. It’s decorative and useful. And most of us have a work space that could always use something to spruce it up. Now I just need 365 Instagram photos.

Uses for Instagram Photos - by Smitten Blog DesignsIMAGE VIA STICKY 9

My refrigerator neeeeeds these! I’d probably arrange them all nicely and my husband would mess them up just to bug me, ha ha. :/ But these could replace my tacky magnets from the chiropractor and front of the phone book! Yay!

I’m not sure which one of these I want to start with but I think any of them would make an original Father’s Day gift (which I always feel pressure to do original!). Which one do you like best?



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