Oooh and Ahhh— Kraft Paper Crafting!

I have a new craft obsession: kraft paper!

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No, I don’t mean craft paper. I’m talking about kraft paper, the textured, neutral-brown paper used for wrapping paper, gift bags, cards, scrapbook paging, EVERYTHING! It is rustic and earthy and wonderful! I use it for all kinds of crafts and occasions.

I recently used kraft wrapping paper for a baby shower gift that I had covered with a simple rubber stamp design and then tied a big blue bow on it. It took me all of 15 minutes, and all the other party attendees oooh’ed and ahhh’ed like I had invented sliced bread. It was so easy to look so crafty!

Sometimes I like my kraft paper plain and it looks fabulous in its simplicity! My husband especially likes plain kraft gift wrap because it seems less frilly than most wrapping paper. I wrap a majority of his Christmas and birthday presents in plain kraft paper (and then squeeze in some snowflake wrapping paper too, because come on, it’s Christmas!).

I also use kraft envelopes for my handmade cards (again, rubber stamped. I’m not that advanced in my personal card-making skills). I like using kraft paper for cards and envelopes because it is such a versatile paper. I can make a birthday card for a man or woman, a thank you card for friend or a colleague, and it will always fits the occasion while also looking sophisticated and design-y.

I love kraft bags, banners, boxes, gift tags—it’s all good! If you haven’t used kraft paper yet, go online and start by purchasing some wrapping paper! Buy a roll, cover something beautifully with it, and let’s exchange ideas!



PS. While we’re on the topic of gifts and special occasions, Mother’s Day is sooner than soon so don’t forget to download our lovely little Mother’s Day breakfast printable to brighten up her morning! (Wrap the flags around toothpicks to stick in fruit or around straws for drinks!) Download link below or see our past post.

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  1. Erin M. says

    Used kraft paper for a present recently and everyone commented on how nice it looked! It really did stand out from the other gifts.

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