Winter Blues, Winter Boots! Fashion Blog Design…

Here at Smitten Blog Designs we design a lot of fashion sites on both Blogger and WordPress for a lot of different fashion bloggers. So it’s appropriate that I share some of our fashion blog designs as well as some of my own fashion insights! Is it too late in the season to talk about boots? It’s not, right? Because there are a few gorgeous boots I just really want to discuss before winter is gone!

Last season, I was gifted this beautiful Sperry boot from J Crew.
fashion blogs-boots-smitten blog designs

I love this boot more than my own two feet. Every morning I look out the window hoping to see at least one tiny snowflake to justify wearing this boot! Sooooo… Seeing as I may or may not have an addiction to boot-wearing, I was quite interested to see what other boots J Crew was carrying for this season. And I found this little beauty:

fashion blogs-boots-smitten blog designsI give you the Macalister Wedge Boot! I think I’m in love. This modern wedge is so versatile! Okay, so it’s not the best for SNOW snow, but how cute would it be for a chic girl’s night out? Or in. Or anywhere!

Here’s another not-so-snow boot that caught my eye:

fashion designs-boots-smittenblogdesignsThis is Forever 21’s Perforated Combat Boot. It’s especially great for our readers who don’t exactly get a ton of cold weather in the winter. It’s airy, neutral, and looks dang comfortable as far as stylish boots go.

And to top it all off, here is the wild card of the bunch: The Ring Toss Boot from Anthropologie.

fashion blog design-boots-smitten blog designsYeah, that’s a lotta shimmer for a western boot… but what can I say? I just love it. It’s like cowgirl-meets-

And here are some of the recent fashion blog designs our team has created for our fashion blogger clients!

Viva Luxury was designed with a very clean aesthetic and a bold title. The photos are the most important part of a fashion blog so we always want them to stand out most of all- hence the black and white in the luxury

In our design for The Fashion Fuse, we threw some gold in there with the black and white. Gold is still a pretty neutral color so it adds to the fashion blog design without taking away from the photos. The sidebar on this one is my favorite because it acts as a creative and unique nav bar!

fashion fuseHope you’ve enjoyed my little list of favorites! Let us know what kind of boot & blog lovin’ you’re enjoying before the winter months fade!



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